Hotel 5-stars sup. „Schloss Elmau“, Garmisch/ D

The sliding doors of the bath represent the "original Elmau" with the former "wash basin" built in a closet; the major difference being very large, luxurious bathroom which is situated behind the sliding doors instead of only leading into a simple closet. The aim was to convey luxury with a special "Elmau" spirit, while preserving its original identity. This is only one example of the approach to the project.

The bathroom provides a lot of natural sunlight, as well as a direct view of the landscape from the bathtub, which is multiplied by large mirror surfaces.
The mounted sinks (by Philippe Starck) represent the original "washing dishes" of Schloss Elmau. The credo of the client is "No room is like the other", which leads - also structurally related - to many different floor plans, furninshing and details.