Office building „An den Brücken“ FTI Group headquarters, Munich/ D

The focus on nature has also a major influence on the overall concept of the paned, three-story indoor garden in order to create a special kind of “casual” conference room. To do so, the entire indoor garden has a timber cladding and contains large potted plants creating a place to relax and giving the feeling to actually be outdoors.

The typical Italian bar was the inspiration for the “Sky Bar”, having three cash registers and an elongated open show kitchen as counter. The favored material is wood, more precisely oak together with fumed oak for the lacquered chairs, and leather for the seats as well as the bistro tiles. The fumed oak either stands for “lounge area” or “landing”. The dining area presents its Mediterranean character via the sunny colors of the lime green and light blue lacquered chairs in combination with the acoustic panels, which also include the corporate colors of the FTI group.

Thanks to its custom designed furniture concept, the lobby is a place of resting and communication. The playful combination of the seats’ colors, such as lime green, light blue, red, and fawn brown allows defining several self-contained areas in an otherwise open room allowing "unlimited" interaction.