Dott. Arch. André Behncke

1962                 Born in Lisbon / Portugal, school in Brazil,
                         A-levels in Heidelberg

1985 - 1993      Studies of architecture, interior design an urban planning
                         at the “Istituto Universario Architettura die Venezia“ (I.U.A.V.),
                         Venice with 108 / 110 points

1988 - 1995      Projects with examination amongst others at
                         Prof. Peter Eisenmann (project “Mueseum Futurismus”),
                         Prof. Aldo Rossi, Prof. Gino Valle,
                         Prof. Umberto Rica (interior architecture),
                         and Prof. Vittorio Gregotti

1991                EU-grant for master-program urban planning (D.E.S.S.)
                        at the university of Sorbonne, Paris

1995                “Tesi di Laurea” at Bernardo Secchi (urban planning)
                        and Prof. Vittorio Gregotti (architecture) in Venice (I.U.A.V.)

1996                Italian state examination in architecture at I.U.A.V., Venice

1998                Passed the scientific exam “Dottorato di Ricerca“

1998 - 2001     Own projects with the architects L. Claut,
                        A. Angelillo, L Guzzardi (selection)

            1989    2. prize, national competition, 5 km city park, sports facilities,
                        and bridges, Poggibonsi, Italy

            1991    1. prize, international competition “European 2“,
                        Nova Goriza / Slovenia

            1993    3. prize, international competition “European 3”,
                        Graz / Austria

            1996    1. prize, competition in two phases, “Piazza Catene”
                        (living and business areas), Venice- Mestre / Italy

1996 - 2001    Architect / Interior designer, and project leader
                       at Gregotti Associati International / Milan and Venice.
                       Urban planning, architecture, interior and design (selection)

            1996    3. prize, invitation-only competition, Technology Park,
                        Venice-Mestre, Italy

            1996    Competition, city of London “Millenium Bridge”, UK

            1996    Teatro Alla Scala/Pirelli Spa./ Opera for 2.500 people
                        „Il Teatro degli Arcimboldi”, Milano, Italy

            1998    Competition, city of Peking, theatre complex at
                        Tienamen square, China

            1998    Technology park “Konsortium 21”,
                        10 buildings, Sardinia, Italy

            1998    Banking syndicate “Emilia Romagna”,
                        investor’s main building, conversion of an
                        industrial park, Cesena, Italy

            1999    Bank “Banca Lombarda” and public car park
                        with design of public squares, Brescia, Italy

            1999    1. prize, invitation-only competition,
                        soccer stadium an hotel for the soccer world,
                        Agadir, Kingdom of Morocco

            2000    New library for the University of Cá Foscari for
                        oriental languages, Venice, Italy

            2000    Guggenheim Museum / converting the “Punta della Dogana”
                        into a museum, Venice, Italy

            2001    1. prize, competition, city council of Shanghai /
                        new city near Shanghai for 80.000 inhabitants,
                        Shanghai, China

2001 - 2002     Architect / Interior designer, project leader,
                        and chief designer

            2001    Radisson SAS hotels "Dom Aquaree", 4-star luxury hotel,
                        380 rooms, Berlin for Mahmoudieh Design, Berlin

            2001    Chinese herb warehouse / pharmacy, salesrooms, Berlin
                        for Mahmoudieh Design, Berlin

2001 - 2005     Intercontinental Resort Berchtesgaden, 5-star sup.
                        138 rooms and suites, three restaurants, bar and tea lounge
                        Overall concept and the complete draft of the interior design

2002 - 2008     Founding partner of  DBLB,
                         Architects + Engineers GbR and GmbH, Munich

      2004-05     Housing estate / private apartments “Föhringer Höfe“,
                         148 apartments, 14.000 m², Bayerische Hausbau, Munich

      2004-08     Housing estate / private apartments “Hacker Höfe“ ,
                         213 apartments, 18.500 m², Bayerische Hausbau,
                         Landsberger Straße, Munich

      2005-06     5-star sup. Schloss Elmau, 100 rooms, (Junior-) suites,
                         family apartments

            2007     “Adidas Sports Center“, competition (unrealized),
                         Herzogenaurach, Germany

            2007     European Patent Office , 42.000 m², Munich

since 2008      Founding of own office “Behncke Architects,
                         Office for Interior Design Architecture“, München

Behncke is a member of the Bavarian Architectural Assn.
(membership No. 181.203)